Central AC Installations

Central AC Installations​

The air handler is one of the most critical components of your air conditioning unit. It is responsible for the circulation of air, so if your air handler is not working as it should, it can force your central unit to work much harder for much less efficiency. Here at Bergen HVAC, our AC experts are fully qualified and accredited to diagnose and fix all problems relating to air conditioning, including air handler related issues. 

With years of experience in the HVAC industry, our air conditioning technicians in New Jersey have seen and repaired pretty much every type of issue that an air handler can possibly have.

Some of the most common air handler issues include:
Clogged air filters: Your regular HVAC maintenance plan should include the cleaning and replacing of air filters. Dirty air filters are one of the most common causes of air conditioning problems, so check them every couple of months, depending on how often you use your system.

Poor electric connection: Faulty electrical connections will cause various parts to malfunction. However, this is something that should be left to a professional to deal with

Faulty blower: The role of the blower is to distribute cooled air through the ducts in your home. If the wiring is damaged in any way, it will prevent the air handler from working correctly. 

Damaged coils: The air conditioning coils cool the air, so if they are damaged or dirty, the air handler will not be able to circulate cool air effectively.

Our team of expert engineers know these problems inside out and will get your air conditioning system working as it should be quickly.