Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

A lot of homeowners don’t think much about the ductwork in their home. But the truth is, the ductwork is one of the most important parts of your HVAC system. Central system ducts are a series of tubes that carry and distribute air throughout your home, and without them, you couldn’t have evenly distributed air. Having ductwork that is clean, in good shape and damage-free is very important, as dirty ductwork can diminish the air capacity in your home a surprising amount. Over time, ductwork and other HVAC components can become logged and contaminated with dust, dirt, debris, pollen and other components that can make them dirty and lower their efficiency. 

Luckily you can improve the ventilation in your home and make sure that ductwork is clean and working great without spending money on costly replacements or repairs in most cases. Ducts cleaning is an affordable service that will greatly improve the functionality of your HVAC system. Ducts cleaning involves the cleaning of the ductwork itself as well as other components such as registers, grills, diffusers, drain pans, motors, housing, and more. Having your ductwork cleaned is a responsible move for any homeowner who wants to get the most life out of their HVAC system and keep it running at top capacity for a longer time.

Ductwork is so important to your heating and air system. Hiring a reputable company like Bergen HVAC to install ductwork, service when necessary, and perform important maintenance like ducts cleaning is so important. When it comes time to have your ductwork cleaned, turn to the trusted professionals to get the job done right.

A clean Duct System provides excellent ventilation and fresh air to cycle.

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