Freon Fills

Freon Fills

Every so often, you may find that your central AC is not cooling as well as it should be, and the most common reason is that it needs a refill of Freon. Doing so is essential for the smooth and efficient running and speedy cooling of your air conditioning unit.


A Freon fill is not something that you can generally do yourself, as the incorrect discharge of old Freon gas can be harmful to the environment, so please leave it to the professionals at Bergen HVAC who know what they are doing. 


How do you know when your air conditioning unit needs a Freon refill?


Some of the signs that may indicate that your air conditioning unit needs a refill of Freon include:


  • Oily residue on your air conditioning components
  • Inconsistent temperature readings
  • Warm air blowing even when the thermostat is turned down low
  • Finding it increasingly difficult to cool a room down


Here at Bergen HVAC, we are fully qualified to discharge and refill the Freon in your AC unit and get it back to full efficiently as quickly as possible. It is something that, once done, should last you three years or more – a more regular refilling may indicate that you have a leaking AC system or that some other problems need investigating. 


Get in touch with us today to talk about your Freon refill requirements and get your air-con working at it’s best quickly and for a competitive price.