HVAC Engineering and System Design

HVAC Engineering and System Design

Not all heating and air systems are created equal. The world of air conditioning design is a complicated one that requires an engineer with a professional, expert eye and lots of experience. HVAC engineers are highly trained and can design heating and air systems from the ground up that fit any commercial or residential space. 

In addition to designing systems, HVAC engineers also troubleshoot problems in existing systems, such as ventilation issues, advise HVAC techs on how to update or repair systems, and suggest the right HVAC products for various residential and commercial locations. 

HVAC engineers are different from HVAC techs, who have a more hands-on job description. Techs are involved heavily in install and repair, while engineers are more focused on HVAC systems design. While these two positions can have some overlap, they are two very different roles, both of which are equally important. 

Having a properly designed and installed system design for your HVAC unit is incredibly important. A poorly designed system or one that doesn’t fit adequately with your space, will continue to have problems and won’t heat/cool your space properly. You may notice ventilation issues, problems with your HVAC unit breaking down or needing frequent repairs, and more. 

That’s why you should choose a heating and air company like Bergen HVAC, who employs reputable HVAC engineers and systems designers who will build your specialized HVAC unit from the ground up, to perfectly suit your residential or commercial needs. HVAC system design is so important; don’t skimp on a great HVAC unit!