Leak Detection

Leak Detection

There is nothing worse than turning on your air conditioning unit, eagerly awaiting the relief of cool air to find out it isn’t working – or is working less effectively than it should. Of course, there are many reasons why, and in many cases, the only way you will know for sure is by giving the professionals a call. One common reason for ineffective AD is a refrigerant leak, and that is something that we are more than capable of dealing with here at Bergen HVAC.


Common signs of a leak in your AC central unit


Lack of cool air: The cool air emitted by your central AC unit is driven by the refrigerant, so a leak in this can stop your unit from supplying your home with cool air. If your unit is turned on but is not blowing out cool air, a leak may be responsible.


Blowing hot air: Even worse than blowing out a lack of cool air is if it blows out hot air – it’s the last thing you want on a hot day! This is a sign that you need a refill, and if this is happening regularly, it may because there is a leak somewhere.


Increased energy bills: Generally, our energy bills remain the same month to month, so if you suddenly experience a significant increase and your daily activity hasn’t changed, it is worth investigating to see if a leak is its cause.


A leak in your AC unit can be a pain to deal with, but it is something that we do as a matter of routine here at Bergen HVAC. Give our team a call, and they will get to the bottom of your leak and fix it as soon as they can, so you can enjoy fresh, cool air once again.